Described as a bold, satirical, politically charged thriller about reforming politics that moves quickly.

Keith F. Houston

DESCRIPTION: Mitch O'Connor wants to clean up politics by passing a new constitutional amendment making politicians less reliant on donors and more responsible to their constituents. Various forces in the world of campaign financing unite behind Raymond Wisler to try and defeat the amendment. Follow Mitch and his friends through an adventure into the American political system where they experience both the best and the worst the system has to offer. The 2nd Edition has 40 additional pages and some new chapters which expand and add to the last chapters of the first edition.

Excerpts from review: 
- Rating:  9 of 10. It’s a short political thriller and it moves quickly.
- The grammar and syntax are spot on.All the characters are complex—no one is too devious or too flippantly ironic. It helps that readers are immediately intrigued as to the how and why campaign manager Mitch is kidnapped. From there the action moves quickly and readers are instantly involved and eager to turn the page—you can’t ask for more than that. It’s also nice that for a narrative like this that it’s not overly formulaic. The author is gifted in the nuances of storytelling, not the least of which is his pithy and pitch-perfect dialogue. Well done.